MaChance Casino and its Various Promotions

It is impossible to open a secret by telling that online industry of gambling is popular now as it never was. Why is it impossible? Because everybody knows it already. The question lies in the following. Why is it so popular? Why not to go to landed casinos or stop practicing gambling activity at all?

Firstly, people do not stop practicing gambling activity to several reasons. Among those reasons, we can stand out a couple of them. For example, online gambling is really entertaining, it can keep you in a good mood for a long time because of its games that are fun-filled.

As a rule, casinos offer a lot of generous promotions & bonuses which can keep you in a good mood too. So, who would not like to try his/her luck and win some prizes? We bet, you would like to try your luck too. So, as you can see, generous presents and fun-filled free games can become key moments that play important roles when it comes to continuing practicing gambling.

Secondly, it should be mentioned that online gambling can be not only entertaining, but also profitable which is not a secret for everybody. This is one of the easiest ways to make money of considerable sums, which is why there are so many adherens of gambling side.

If to talk about comparison between online casinos and landed casinos, we should say that online ones are easier to reach and are always accessible while landed casinos can be located far away or forbidden in some countries at all. So, it makes sense to focus on Internet casinos. To be concrete, today, we want to focus on MaChance casino which is one of the leaders in gaming area on the Web.

Why is Picking MaChance Casino Worth It?

You may have lots of questions, starting with general ones, such as questions about bonuses, signing up or compatible devices, and ending with the most important one, such as “Why is picking this casino worth it?” and “Why this one and not to try the others?”. Both types of questions are going to be reviewed and described in details today.

Let’s get our review started with the general information about casino MaChance. This casino was founded and established in 2018. The month was May. As you can see, the casino operates only for a year and a few months. Of course, this portal is a newcomer in the world of online gambling, but somehow it manages to keep lots of customers and make them permanent.

The casino is trustworthy because of taken security measures and gotten license from the Netherlands’ Gaming Authority. Maybe, you have heard about Curacao license. So, this is the same thing. To be short, this license lets the casino operate officially and legally.

Now, we want to offer you to take a look at the paragraphs that touch the topics about website’s appearance, about compatible gadgets, about games & bonuses, about accessible banking options, about privacy and safety measures and about the center of customer support. We offer you to scroll down.

The Official Website & Appearance

To estimate the appearance of the official website of MaChance portal, you can get to it by clicking on the link. Though, you can do it a little later while we want to show you its appearance and give you our opinion right now. Are you ready? We are so ready!

Somehow, most people always pay attention to the colors of the background despite the fact that the background do not take a better part of the whole page. The page is mostly taken by sections, advertisement banners and icons of the games, as a rule. So, if to talk about the background, we should notice that it is performed with dark green tones while the letters on it make contrast and are performed in white color.

In the middle of the home page, you will see the platform’s logo. It is located on the same green background and consists of the white letters that tell “MaChance” and the hat of a magician which is made in black, white and yellow tones. The right hand-side displays two sections “Join now” and “Login” + the icon for changing the language. English (Canadian Version), French and Spanish are available at the moment. The left hand-side displays four sections, among which there are:

  • “Support”;
  • “Promotions”;
  • “Banking”;
  • “VIP Program”.

Below, you will notice a banner with advertisement about available welcome bonus. So to speak, this is not the only advertisement banner. There are 3 such ads. They all are moving and changing after the expiry of a few seconds.

You can also scroll to the page’s bottom which may also come in handy. Here, you can notice six so-called quickly working links (QWL), such QWL “About Us”, QWL “FAQ”, QWL “Terms and Conditions”, QWL “AML Policy”, QWL “Responsible Gaming” and QWL “Affiliates”.

Besides quickly working links, you can also notice about Curacao licensing and place of casino registration. Here, you can also notice the icons of brands that cowork with MaChance, including banking institutions. The bottom of the page also reminds that you cannot be under 18 and that gaming can be addictive, so it is worth to play responsibly.

Compatible Devices

The question that touches availability of using different gadgets worry almost all customers because not all people enjoy gambling with computers so far. Though, not all people enjoy gambling with mobile devices. All gamblers are very different which is why the portal that carries the name MaChance tries to provide them with the best services, including the availability of using different gadgets.

  • Personal computers & personal laptops versions are always in demand, because numerous customers find computers more comfortable than their little brothers, mobile devices. This is due to the ability to play on a big screen and being able to observe the games to the tiniest details.
  • Mobile phones and tablets versions are also always in demand, because numerous customers find mobile devices more comfortable than their big brothers, computers. A lot of gamers are often on a run and do not have an opportunity to carry computers which have great weight and depend on electricity, as a rule. So mobile device are great alternatives. Plus, you do not even have to download any mobile app to gambler. All you need is a browser.

Free Games Spectrum

To be able to observe the range of free games, you do not have to open additional windows and search for the games section. Home page shows this section automatically. All you have to do is to scroll lower. Automatically, “Top Games” section is shown. Though you can switch to the other categories, including category “Latest Games”, category “Jackpots”, category “Slots”, category “Table Games”, category “Live Casino” and category “All Games”.

When you click on one or another section, the games icons change and you can see how many games the chosen section includes. For example, the category “Top Games” that is shown automatically includes 16 games.

We have good news for those who want to feel the real atmosphere of casino institutions but cannot due to several reasons, such as the absence of opportunity to go the landed casinos (as they are located too far or forbidden at all) or the absence of desire to go there. Still, if you want to feel like a gambler in real Vegas casino, you can do it if you click on the section “Live Casino” and choose a game in live mode. Those games can be of different types, such as baccarat, blackjack, roulette and so on. All of them are played with real croupiers.

Various Promotions and Bonuses

When players are in search of great casinos, they probably start getting acquainted with the bonus offers that they can give, whether they provide them with a no deposit bonus, with opportunity to receive free spins, if bonus codes and promo codes exist and are valid or what deposit bonuses can be offered. So, now want to tell you about the offers in online casino MaChance.

The first bonus that we want to talk about is a welcome bonus. Once you make a deposit, the sum of your deposit will be doubled or quadrupled. For example, if your deposit is of large sums, such as €250, you will receive a doubled sum in result which is €500. And if your deposit is of small sums, such as €20, you will receive a quadrupled sum in result which is €80. This is up to you.

As addition to the welcome bonus which can be either doubled or quadrupled, you will gain 20 free spins on 99 slot machine or any other popular slot machines that MaChance portal has on the offer for gambling. So you know, if you register on the site, you will have not only money account, but also bonus money account. So, all winning after getting 20 free spins will be added to the account for bonus money.

To find out all information about bonuses, you should press the button “Promotions” which is displayed at the top of the page. Once you press the button, a new window opens. The window is divided into four categories, such as category “Bonus Wheel”, category “Current Promotions”, category “How bonuses work” and category “Bonus Terms”. For now, we want to tell you about the offer that lies within the first category.

Bonus wheel is a daily offer which you can make use of only one time per one day. All you have to do is to start spinning the wheel. It will randomly choose a great bonus on your next depositing time. It is great, isn’t it? We think that it is wonderful. So, if you want to find out more information about current promotions, how long they are valid and what terms & conditions are there, you should go to the and get acquainted with this all as well.

Banking Options

MaChance gaming portal has a lot to offer you, that’s for sure, but what it can offer when it comes to banking methods? Firstly, we should notice that the range of available banking options is huge and keeps growing all the time, as the casino wants to attract as many customers as possible. As we all know, not all people want to open new bank accounts, so they can simply find a casino that provides him/her with a needed option to transfer money.

Luckily, the casino of our today’s review has a lot of options on the offer which you can observe either on the picture that is attached below or on the official site. So, the casino not only offers a lot of options, it also offers you to choose your country from the list to see what options are available in your country exactly. For example, the attached picture displays what methods are available for using in Canada. You can choose your country, whether it is England or France, Australia or New Zealand. On this picture, you can see depositing options.

The attached picture also shows what methods can be used in Canada, but if the previous picture was about depositing methods, this one is about withdrawing methods. We want to remind you one more time that it is worth to choose your country to be sure that the chosen banking option can be used in your place of residence.

Safety and Privacy

You can get acquainted with the information about security policy if you click on the QWL (quickly working link) “About Us”. The section tells you about taken security measures that work within the portal.

Firstly, the casino uses encryption systems of the latest versions. Those systems suit the highest standards of online gambling and its requirements. This way you can be sure that all shared info is being encrypted once it was sent to the casino administration. This measure is aimed at minimizing the possibility of frauds attacks. For the same goal, the casino cooperates only with the leading banking institutions that are considered to be reliable and trustworthy.

The website also has a section with policy of fairness. This section was created to display all measures that were taken, so that the casino can guarantee fair results of the gaming. The website uses RNG (the abbreviation stand for generator of random numbers) which provide absolutely random results. So, you do not have to worry that they are bought or something like this.

Customer Support Center

In case of emergencies, every casino has to be able to provide its visitors with the best customer center that can give fast and clear answers. To open the window with customer center on, you will need to click on the first section (that is displayed at the top of the page) and wait until the tab opens.

Once it opens, your eyes are taken by a small additional window that consists of four sections. The first section supposes contacting the casino staff in a few ways, such contacting them through live chat, via email or by contact number. All needed data and info are displayed in this tab.

If you do not want to bother the staff you can look for the answers by yourself. For this, you can make use of next 3 sections. In the section “About Us”, you find info about general casino’s details, security policy or VIP service, for example. If you click on the section “Play on Your Mobile”, you will be able to get acquainted with the info devoted to compatible mobile gadgets.

The last section is named “FAQ” and is aimed at getting the answers that lots of gamblers are interested in. Here, the most frequently questions are gathered and answers. They all are divided into suitable categories for comfortable searching.

MaChance Casino Conclusion

The casino MaChance was established only a year and a few months ago, in May 2018. Though, it does not mean that the casino cannot get lots of fans and loyal customers for such a short period. MaChance is a straight proof.

You can also become one of such customers if you make a decision to gamble here. To make the process of decision making easier, we want to remind you about the key moment that let the casino gain those loyal customers and become one of the leading newbies in the online market of gambling.

The first thing that it is worth to remind about is the appearance that is designed with green tones and is easy for navigation. The website can be opened with different gadgets, such as computers and mobile devices.

The second thing that it is worth to remind about is a range of all gaming that is divided into 6 parts on the website. You can play slots, board/card games here as well as live casino games. You will be also pleased with the bonuses & promotions that we talked about.

The third thing that it is worth to remind about is a range of banking options. To see the listing of options that are available for your country, you will need to pick your country from the listing. This way, you will be able to pick the methods for depositing and withdrawing.

The casino is a well-designed, reliable and secure place to practice your gaming activity. We want to tell you that you can take advantage of every feature that was described above. All you need to is to go to and register on the website. Imagine how good it will feel to become the owner of numerous casino rewards. We wish you luck!

Diane York
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